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My visual journey is a meaningful playground inspired
by observations.

My method seeks to
recycle disposals found in our contemporary society.

  • Marie-Annick has a diversified background

    She worked as freelancing Illustrator, Graphical Artist, Web Designer and produced objects and mascot-figurines [ view:  www.marielevaillant.com ].
    Today, she is exploring the ability of self-prepared papier-mâché mixture, producing colorful quite unusual objects, finished with different techniques.
    Recycling is her working method.

    page top Brief Biography

    Marie is French citizen. She felt at home in Strasbourg, Berlin, Melbourne and embracing 3 different cultures, she is proficient in French, German and English.
    Completing a Graduate Diploma as a Commercial Graphic Artist/Illustrator for advertising and later on, a Graduate Diploma as DTP Operator and Web Designer, she worked as an Illustrator for eight years, executing explanatory diagrams for a series of physics, chemistry and biology books for a renowned German education book publishing company. Beside she took on graphic artist, web design occupations for various small businesses.
    While working as a freelancing marketing assistant for Eberhard Faber, she loved to produce small mascots for fairs and shops, mostly exploring the abilities of modelling texture, creating figurines and funny individuals of all sorts!
    What came small sized at young age, [ www.marielevaillant.com/figurineE.html ] soon evolved autodidactly to bigger objects, in the same way the multitude ideas around the theme.

    page top Artist´s statement

    Engaging with texture is an accidental but very detailed sense of creating within space and time. Recycling, converting matière,
    die Formgebung, is a thoughtful, interactive experiment. The intracacy of reinventing the ‘survival’ of junk-pieces expresses Raisons d´Être.
    My papier-mâché art seeks curiousity in form and the transformative in every day life. With surréel, sequened kitsch, the vivid appearence is acting versus greynes.
    My Leitmotiv embraces the non-conformism, the whimsical, inspired by nature, childhood universe, theater, opera or fantasy film, beautifully described in the universe of "Le petit Prince" (A. de St. Exupéry)!
    Shaping and creating around assembled discarded objects with papier-mâché, my compositions are intuitively adopted and hand-painted with pattern or other craft techniques.

    page top My method

    Once junk collected, I start to imagine a new body.
    Assembled, the junk parts are constituents of a skeletton extended with chicken wire construct. I than, fabricate my papier-mâché compound to wrapp and shape around the imaginative build.
    Depending on the final outcome, my techniques in designing the surface can be very diversified: Acrylic paintings, collage with colourful gift/napkin papers, glass pearls, pattern on smooth sheet materials, golden leaf, patina.
    Sometimes I tend to keep the artistical creation in its natural, papier-mâché look.
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Marie-Annick Le Vaillant
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